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Welcome to The Advanced Diagnostics Centre

After working more than two decades in state I am proud to work for this institution and from my experience I can tell that we offer the best service in the region. Besides diagnostics technology & facilities, which is at the highest level in the region, I can assure that ADC have the finest radiologist, Radiographer, Pathologists, Technician, Doctors, Nurses and patient care staff who are passionate to help you and very committed to patient care. As my vision for ADC is not just the business our commitment to Life and we at ADC are truly Committed to Life.

From the busiest and highly performing Imaging & Lab Department up to all the other specialties we strive to apply best practices and new standards. We have all these services “under one roof” and that is an incredible advantage for all the patients. What makes me happy every day is that I can sense that ADC staff have passion for their work and have a true desire to care for you. Where every staff is focusing on the delivery of the highest quality health care in region.

ADC is offering diagnostics through Stat of the art machines, Integrated Medical Services, Phlebotomy Stations and Pharmacy. These s​services are expanding rapidly into the local communities throughout the region.

The Advanced Diagnostics Centre & Labs aim is to continue to pave the way as the quality standard for all others to aspire to.   ADC is ISO accredited for maintaining World Class Quality in Health Standards and is bringing in the latest technological and medical advances along with highly trained staff. Changing the way, you receive healthcare.

Committed and determined to meet patient satisfaction drives ADC to constantly review itself for improvements every day​.

Ali Raza

CEO Advanced Diagnostic Centre

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